Mieke Van Herck architects

Less house, more home ...

Mieke Van Herck and her team apply their own inimitable approach to unique villa projects, exclusive country houses, and stylish residences.

Authentic materials referring back to bygone days are flanked by sleek, modern accents and large glass elements that provide optimal natural light and stirring views.

An explicit sensitivity for materials and the often glamorous combinations characterise their approach. Passion is one of the motivating factors with unexpected contrasts helping to determine the ultimate style.

Mieke Van Herck and her team can rapidly relate to your vision and experiential world and take over full responsibility with their reassuring all-in-one approach, starting with the search for the right plot, then the basic structure, followed by the layout and finishing work, and ultimately landscaping the garden.

Over the years, Mieke Van Herck has created her own recognisable signature that remains the guarantee for every house in which inspiration, feeling, and the quality of life prevail.