Singular villa designs with a story

Each of Mieke Van Herck’s projects bears a unique stamp that is recognisable by its refreshing mix of traditional and contemporary concepts. Natural and sustainable materials provide additional cachet. Everything makes sense, right down to the tiniest details. Large spaces and volumes, imposing glass elements, traditional rural character with delightful, innovative details… with everything ultimately leading to a contemporary living environment combined with a pleasant sense of security and comfort that is supported by the latest technologies.

All-in-one concept


Sleek designs with a touch of glamour

Mieke Van Herck and her team of interior architects create a level of charisma and character that is in harmony with the occupants. Mieke Van Herck is famous for her personally inspired, often glamorous, touches that give every interior that unique twist, thereby elevating it to a level far beyond the average. A singular approach aimed at creating that sense of belonging and cosiness you always wanted.

The choice and combination of materials determines the character and overall perception of each project… and only the best is good enough for your dream villa. We often use luxurious natural materials including marble, leather, and special woods like walnut. We also give our undivided attention to details such as window treatments and the right fabrics for chairs, throws, and cushions.

All-in-one concept

All-round support

Worry less, enjoy more

We do not expect you to be the perfect building coordinator, certainly no more than we would try to excel at your profession. This is why we take care of everything professionally, leaving you to enjoy the results. The entire construction process becomes a smooth, pleasant experience. It also means that we take up as little of your valuable time as possible. All we expect from you is that you occasionally make a fun decision or confirm an interesting choice. Completely carefree, from the initial meeting right through to handover.

All-in-one concept
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